Your “Average” Family Piano Session

Playing the piano together… literally! Watch the Rogers Family, (Aidan, Brydan, Corin, Devon, Ivy Catherine, Keenan, and Leith Rogers) play the ...

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One Earth Mission

“Music can transcend words, borders, ethnicities, and the atmosphere to directly connect the hearts of people. All of us as living ...

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Persian Classical Music

Check out Persian Classical Music performed by three time Grammy nominee Kayhan Kalhor on his kamancheh, an Iranian bowed string instrument. ...

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Miles Bonham, Music Producer

Before we talked about a piano prodigy, now we’ve got a music producer?! There are no limits to creativity. Watch the ...

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One Man Military Band

A one man military band! Thanks to the development of music remixing and video editing technology, one person can play the ...

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5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy

Playing Mozart when he’s 5 years old! Alberto Cartuccia Cingolani demonstrates his incredible technique and memory in this rendition of Mozart’s ...

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