Barbie Girl in a Classical World

Sometimes you just want to apply a classical coat of paint to a song, and Josep Castanyer Alonso, a cellist in ...

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The Organ: Music’s Grand Architect of Sound

In the world of music, there’s an instrument that stands as the grand architect of sound, weaving melodies that resonate deep ...

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Lavender Darcangelo

Lavender Darcangelo is a 27-year-old blind and autistic singer from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. She started singing at the age of three, before ...

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Ringing in Harmony

Said to have been created by the god Sang Hyang Guru as a means of summoning the gods in Javanese mythology, ...

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The Magnificent Mass: Bridging Devotion and Harmony in Classical Music

In the vast expanse of classical music, few compositions resonate as deeply as the Mass. Emerging from a tapestry of tradition ...

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Evan Le

A young pianist who loves to create his own music, Evan Le began playing music as early as age three, not ...

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