NSYO 2024 Summer International Tour

Taiwan National Symphony Youth Orchestra 2023

In collaboration with Taiwan Philharmonic (known as National Symphony Orchestra in Taiwan), Chenter Foundation is happy to announce our support for US citizen/resident musicians in (Taiwan) National Symphony Youth Orchestra‘s upcoming 2024 Summer International Tour. In line with our mandate, we are encouraging US citizens and resident musicians to experience global learning and performance opportunities. By enabling young talents to engage in a breadth of opportunities, we look forward to them becoming exceptional musicians who will promote empathy and compassion through music.

Through our operations arm Licha Stelaus Productions, we will provide support for US citizen and resident musicians to focus fully on the intensive training courses and rehearsals during the tour, which will be from 20 July to 5 August. Together with Music Director Maestro Jun Märkl, violinist Richard Lin, and other promising youths, these musicians will showcase what they’ve learned in five formal performances across Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

Learn more at https://www.lichastelaus.com/upcoming-events/nsyo2024summer

Read about us in Taiwan’s United Daily News:

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