Whilst eager to contribute to our causes, the Foundation is discerning with our efforts for maximum accountability and transparency to our donors. As such, rigorous case assessment, ensuring integrity in the use of funds and validating the case brought to our attention.

  • Extensive market reach via our network of charity partners
  • Stringent case assessment* (auditions / interviews/ face-to-face consultation)
  • *IRS (United States Internal Revenue Services) approved application process
  • Transparency checks and clearances (following IRS guidelines)

Call for Donation

It’s all about our Future. Chenter Foundation needs your donation to continue improve the world of children around the world because we have to count on our future generations. We sincerely hope you like what we do around the world and continue to support us by donating directly to us. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation (Federal Tax ID: 47-3114342). Tax residents from the United States may enjoy tax breaks and relief even if grants and support are made throughout the world. We use stringent test methods and utmost care in due diligence to certify all our grants to ensure they are not used for political purposes, promotion of religious causes, or of any illegal means. In all instances, the Chenter Foundation’s board of directors has final discretion in determining which organizations, whether US-based or foreign, will receive grants and support. We ask that no contributions be earmarkedfor a specific organization.